The Foundant Field Trip program offers Foundant team members the chance to visit your world, at no cost to you, and see exactly what happens as you use Foundant Grant Lifecycle Manager (GLM) in your grantmaking process, including:

  • The beginning or end of a grant cycle

  • During your LOI reviews

  • While you build and run reports for a meeting

  • During one of your board meetings

  • When you set your follow-ups

  • During payment processing

  • While setting up a new process

This is an opportunity for Foundant to get a more in-depth understanding of your workflow. So, it’s really up to you…what would you like us to understand better, so that we can help you?

Field trip attendees will then return to Foundant and report on what they’ve seen and learned. We hope this will give the entire Foundant team a much better understanding of what you do every day, and how we can make your life easier.

We will be able to:

  • See your workflow so we can create product enhancements, training, and resources that would be valuable and help you do your job better and easier.
  • See real-world uses and be able to implement new clients with a better understanding of their processes.
  • Build better relationships with our clients. We pride ourselves on creating relationships, which offers better feedback and open communication between Foundant and our clients.

The Foundant Field Trip Program

Keeping a School Tradition Alive!

Field Trip Guidelines:

  • After reviewing your application, we’ll match your field trip interests with 2-3 Foundant team members who could benefit from that area of learning.

  • Cost of travel will be a factor in determining if and when we can visit your organization.

  • If we can leverage our travel with another event, such as a Foundant Meet-Up, it would be helpful. When applying for a Foundant Field Trip visit, please let us know if you would be willing to host a Meet-Up during the time we are there.

  • Foundant is committed to 1 field trip a quarter so if you don’t get chosen this quarter, you will still be considered during the next quarters.

To apply, simply click here to be taken to our Field Trip application page in GLM.