Five Key Behaviors for Greater Impact
Thursday, May 7 at 11am Pacific / 2pm Eastern 

We all want to have impact—or, in simpler terms, make a real difference. Wanting impact, however, doesn’t mean it will happen immediately. During this webinar, we will use Exponent Philanthropy’s 10-Minute Impact Assessment & Guide as a framework for discussing five key behaviors that will increase the likelihood that over time your giving will have an increasing and measurable impact:

  • Thinking about impact
  • Focusing for impact
  • Planning for impact
  • Learning about your impact
  • Amplifying your impact

We will also share practical actions you can take and resources you can access to advance your journey toward greater impact.

To get even more out of this webinar, please take the 10-Minute Impact Assessment before the session.

We look forward to having you on the webinar.

Kind regards,
-The Foundant Team