O.P. Edwards Foundation and Deerbrook Charitable Trust Webinar

This recorded webinar features Amy Moore with the O.P. and W.E. Edwards Foundation and Arthur Sundstrom with the Deerbrook Charitable Trust showcasing how their organizations use GLM online grants management software.

Amy will share how board members around the world are able to use the system and how she has eliminated the need to print and mail board packets.  Amy will also discuss the advantages of having everything online and how she is now able to store all she needs in one place.  For example, she even stores PRI loan information within Foundant GLM.

Art will elaborate on using the software to make things simpler for both the grantee and the grantor.  Even though the trustees with Art’s foundation do not directly use Foundant GLM, they have been impressed with the new, uniform proposals, making their review process much easier.