Introducing CommunitySuite (formerly Smalldog Net Solutions).

We are thrilled to announce the merger of Smalldog Net Solutions with Foundant Technologies to bring you CommunitySuite - a technology solution for community foundations! Whether this is a surprise to you or not, it's exciting news on a number of levels. Here's the story:

The Background.

Foundant has been creating grants management solutions for grantmakers since 2007 and, more recently, for grantseekers as well. But we've always felt we could do more.

Smalldog was already providing a powerful solution for the unique and complex needs of Community Foundations. Why reinvent the wheel if you don't have to, right?

The Smalldog team will remain a unit within our Foundant Family... joining forces in the charge to make things easier and better for the entire philanthropic industry.

Why Smalldog? Why Foundant?

In a nutshell, Mission. If companies have soul-mates... this is a prime example. Foundant's mission from the beginning has been to:
  • Enable funders to focus on their core mission by operating more efficiently
  • Facilitate strong, collaborative relationships between grantmakers and grantseekers
  • Create intuitive, cost effective technology solutions
  • Commitment: continually improve the granting experience, provide exceptional customer service, and build a fulfilling environment for our employees that balances work and play
Chris Sutton founded Smalldog on these very same principles, quite literally born from the desire to make his wife, Kate's life easier. In 2012 Orcas Island Community Foundation - where Kate works - was patching together a number of software systems to manage and track their funds, donations, and donors. The daily tasks and challenges turned out to be something all too familiar to other Community Foundations. Chris had found a need.

But growing a new company - no matter how great the product is - does not come easy. It takes scarce resources, which often puts new companies at a disadvantage to the larger "status quo." Well, challenging the status quo is how Foundant got its start, so why not work together to offer something no one else is... a choice.

And, it turns out, both companies have the same philosophy when it comes to customer service as well: Take incredible care of customers - because it matters.

The Future is Bright.

Foundant and Smalldog coming together means no longer having to choose the most expensive option or being forced to use a system that simply isn't the right tool for the job. The Foundant Team's experience and reputation with more than 1,000 grantmakers and grantseekers will help Smalldog reach the community foundation audience across the country and beyond. And the CommunitySuite (formerly Smalldog) team will bring their expertise and understanding of this complex and essential group of organizations.

Community foundations make a huge impact within their communities across multiple organizations, individuals, issues, projects, and more. They act as conduits between nonprofits and funders... reaching much further through the simple act of collaboration than any single individual or organization could on their own. Yet their complex technological needs have, to date, been met with less than optimal solutions.

This is our vision for this partnership: to bring not only a valid technical option, but a choice to these organizations. To offer integrated solutions that truly work together to make the philanthropic community more efficient, save valuable resources, and create greater impact.

And, with that, we're pleased to present CommunitySuite - a solution for community philanthropy.

Check out our most recent webinar demonstration of CommunitySuite here:

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Learn more about the CommunitySuite (formerly Smalldog) solution by watching this video:

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